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Custom Home Foundation Excavation in the Mountains

A large and very complex dig with over 2500 cubic yards of excavation! This build was on an undeveloped lot. It required building a construction road and clearing the building site of hundreds of large trees. The build-site was on a heavily-sloped mountain, meaning the back side of the excavation was nearly 20-feet deep!

High-End Road Construction & Building Pad

A very complicated road build. The engineers said we “couldn’t build the road with less than a 10% grade”. Not only did we come in at 9.8%, but we also managed to divert the route around several large trees, while maintaining a beautiful forest-feel!

Excavate Well, Repair, Add Manifold & Valves

This project required excavation in a tight area. We needed to excavate the well head and lines back to the house. After excavation, we installed new poly pipe and valve manifold.

Excavate Well for Repair

This customer had a leaking well. We excavated down to the pitless and installed new lines.

Landscape Demolition

This project featured the tear out and demolition of several dated landscape features. The customer wanted to install their own sod and repair their own sprinklers.

Gravel Parking Lot

This customer needed space for their growing plumbing business. We took their lot from weed-covered to flat & level with a sustainable parking lot for their commercial operations.

Concrete Patio Extension

This customer wanted to extend the RV parking lot next to their house, and connect it into their large, outdoor patio. It involved excavating the lawn, managing rain-gutter runoff with a french drain, and prep & pour for a concrete pad.

Excavate Foundation & Install Utilities

This customer contacted us to excavate the foundation for their new commercial (steel) building. We excavated and prepared the lot for the foundation. We also were contracted to hook-up sewer and water, as well as ditching and installing conduit for fiber and power.

Install Septic & Driveway/Parking Lot

This project focused on building a new shop-house as an in-law suite. We excavated for the foundation, installed septic, and then re-finished the driveway and parking lot.

Install Pad for Pole Barn and Driveway

This customer wanted a new shop! After working with the engineers on design, he contracted Marlenee, LLC to install a pad for his shop and driveway down to the pad. Poor soil meant installing geo-fabric and a solid base of pit run.

Repair Leaking Well

Repairing a leaking well-head connection in Ririe, Idaho

Update Gravel Walkways & Install Hot Tub Pad

We demolished the old walkways and installed a new path with edging. Then, we demolished a portion of the back yard to make room for a hot tub pad.

Connect New Well for Fire Suppression Pond

After drilling a new well, we needed to connect the well to power and pipe the outflow to a fire suppression pond.

Construct Pole Barn Pad in Lava

Customer wanted to erect a 40′ x 60′ pole barn. We discovered there was basalt/lava flow just under the topsoil, which required a large excavator with a hydraulic hammer. We excavated the pier/caission footprint and then backfilled with compacted roadbase. We completed the project by adding 6″ of compacted road base for the building pad.

Ditch Cleanout

Cleaned out and re-built a mile of agricultural ditch/waterway/canal. Used laser telemetry to verify ditch. Excavated over two feet of silt in some places. Removed trees from problematic areas. Rebuilt corners with rip-rap. Our large 5-ft bucket makes this a breeze!

Foundation and Septic System

Installed a tiny-house foundation and complete septic system in Victor, ID. Project included permitting and construction delays due to cement shortage in 2022.

Fiber Conduit Installation

Did you know that running the conduit for fiber from the pedestal to your house is the homeowner’s responsibility? Let us get you connected! For this job, we had to cut the asphalt driveway and repair!

Repair Lawn After Septic Failure

Customer had a septic system failure. Another contractor replaced the drainfield, but we were called in after that replacement left unstable/uneven ground. We stripped the old sod, leveled the ground and blended the new sod in. After the initial repairs, the customer asked me to lay sod over the decommissioned garden.

Build Outdoor Pickleball Court

Building a custom pickle-ball court! Marlenee, LLC roughed in the pad and worked with our expert concrete subcontractor to pour this beautiful court. We colored the concrete for maximum pop. On the patio surrounding the court, we used textured concrete for a luxury-feel!

Beach Restoration

Willows and destructive beavers had overtaken this customers river-front footage, blocking the view and rendering the land unusable. We removed the vegetation, restored the sand/beach, installed a pad for a Tee-pee, installed a fire ring and installed a boat launch

Hydroseed Prep

Before sod prep Before sod prep Before sod prep After sod prep After sod prep Project Description Client:   D. Maddock Location:  ...

Concrete Prep for RV Pad and Patio

Remove grass and install additional parking (RV parking) and a back patio.

Excavate Foundation for Indoor Pickle-Ball Court

Excavate a foundation for an indoor pickle-ball court. Backfill and compaction after concrete work.

Re-grade Potato Cellar & Shave Walls

This customer wanted a complete update of a potato cellar that is also used for hay storage. We shaved the walls down by approx 4 feet on each side to prepare the building for shot-crete. Then, when the walls were finished, we took about 2 feet out of the floor. This project increased hay storage by 33%. During the project, we had to work against cave-ins, slough-offs, and poor stability.

Install Sewer and Water Lines (new construction)

This project required careful planning to close a public street,  excavate down 9+ feet and install a new sewer and water line.

Excavate Well-Pad, Connect New Well, Repair Driveway

The owner of this property called us to install a new well on his property (due to the slope of the mountainous terrain, required excavating a pad for the driller to be able to setup his machine), tie into the line coming through the foundation, cap and drain the line running down to the neighbor’s well and then repair the driveway, leaving the well-pad for future development (instead of putting it back to native).

Install Septic & Prep for Monolith Slab Foundation

Customer wanted to do as much of their own work as possible! As a licensed septic installer, we came in and shot grade and installed the septic tank, leaving room for approx 1 foot of topsoil (after construction). Customer requested we add road base to interior of home foundation and grade/level for a monolithic slab/foundation pour.

Demolish Building, Concrete Prep, Ditch Cleanout, and Driveway Resurface

Ditch prior to cleaning Ditch with completed cleanout Outhouse, precariously perched, falling into the ditch Outhouse, precariously perched, falling into the ...

Build Gravel Pad for Shed

Stripped sod, laid wood mats for lawn protection, constructed 18 x 28′ pad for a shed.

Excavate Septic Test Hole

Excavated test-hole for septic permitting. Arranged with local resources for inspection.

Bury Propane Tank

Customer switched propane companies and, unfortunately, they made him give his leased tank back. So, he bought a new one, and we got it installed in a very tight neighborhood with minimal working room, trees, and buildings!

Build Mountain Road

Customer needed a construction-access road (and foundation for permanent road) constructed to his property. Cut away hundreds of yards of overburden. Surveyed grade to maintain <10% grade. Installed 12-inches of pit-run. Installed drainage ditches.

Sod Prep

New Construction. Customer had sprinklers installed when we arrived. Worked around small sprinkler system, smooth and pick rocks. Prep for sod.

Build Loading Dock and Gun Range Backstop

Customer wanted a dual-purpose wall. He wanted a back-stop for his home gun range as well as a loading dock for his UTV. Railroad-tie construction, set in concrete, anchored with 16″ screws

Build Rock Retaining Walls

New Construction. Haul in and use existing lava/basalt boulders to complete over 200 linear ft of rock wall.

Demolish Concrete

Demolish concrete and prepare for new pad pour

Level, Grade and Remove Rock

New Construction. Builder left pit/run backfill as finish grade for yard. Picked rocks w/rock rake. Minimized top-soil hauling to 45 tons (3 truck loads) to cover 2+ acres. Dialed in finish grade. Fencing/Sprinklers and repaired grade to prep for hydroseed in back yard and sod in front yard.

Utility Ditching

Ditched 5′ deep for water & electric lines to feed private pond in “ranchette” subdivision outside of Driggs, ID. After electricians installed conduit, returned to site and padded pipe, backfilled, compacted and cleaned up.

Build RV Park

Anonymous client wanted RV Park built. Removed trees and cleared ground. Set grade and built roads. Ditched for utiltiies.

Various Trampoline Pit Installs

We offer a variety of trampoline pit installs: Dig the hole, remove the overburden, set the trampoline in-ground, set the trampoline with customer-provided accessories, set the trampoline with an in-ground kit, backfill, compact, and re-sod

Demolish Building, Remove Trees, Cleanout Ditch

Demolishing the old stone-foundation building Cleaning out and re-shaping ditches Cleaning growth from inside ditch and ditch banks Removing sucker-growth from ...

Complete Landscaping Project

New Construction. Customer wanted a complete landscaping package: Grade & Level, Topsoil, Sprinklers, Sod, Fence, RV Pad, Rock Gardens w/edging, Trees, Outdoor Outlets

Repair Grade, Install Paver Wall, Install Sod

Customer purchased 1800’s house that was built before street-grade was set. Water was entering property. Installed swells to help prevent water entry. Properly graded. Installed tree-rings, paver wall to retain grass and match existing, edging and sod.

Build Road Foundation

In preparation for construction, customer wanted a temporary construction road. We installed one-foot of pit run as the foundation for his road base. Project included intricate curves. Road was approximately 700 feet in length with curves and roundabout. Customer requested only wheel-packing with trucks until building construction is completed.

Excavation for Customer to Self-Install Septic

Customer wanted to self-install septic system. We excavated to his specs and allowed him to do his installation. Then, after inspection, we came back and backfilled with sand, then pit run. We compacted and restored grade.

The soil was incredibly rocky (Type C), so minimizing cave-in was very important.

Excavation for Pipe Repair at Well

Pipes were severely leaking at well-head. Excavated around well-head and repaired pipe. Restored service. Backfilled and compacted properly. Restored surface grade.

French Drain Installation

Customer wanted a large pad poured. However, the rain gutter interfered. We installed a french drain to solve the problem. We excavated down, sloped the drain pipe, dug a 10-cubic yard pit, filled it with wash rock, and then installed geo-fabric (to isolate the topsoil) before adding topsoil, compacting, and installing sod.