Digging Power Line Trench

Utility Trenching

Utility trenching is one of our main-stays. We can install conduit for fiber, telcom, and/or electric. We work with the providers to get you the proper install. Marlenee, LLC is a licensed public works contractor and can take care of sewer and water connections. We own a Bobcat E50 (rubber-track), the perfect sized excavator. It has a 16-foot reach, and is a 10,000 lbs-class excavator. This allows us to get onto your property with minimal damage. We have a 12″ bucket, 24″ Bucket, 48″ bucket (grading), and 60″ bucket (grading).

Backfill and Compaction

Let us take care of your backfill and compaction. Want it done right? We compact as we backfill, keeping the soil around your house from sinking!

French Drain Installation

French drains are a great way to handle water. Whether it’s run-off from your roof or excess water from the natural grade of your parking lot, a French Drain will solve your water problems.

Foundations & Footings

We are experienced in digging footings and foundations. From solid lava to mountain granite, we’ve dug it all. We do pole-barn pre-excavation as well, if you have rock in the way!

Septic Systems and Test Holes

Marlenee, LLC is a licensed septic installer with Eastern Idaho Public Health (the overseeing body of septic systems). We have professionally installed systems across eastern Idaho. We pad your tank with sand and use laser leveling systems to install your drain field and piping.

Propane Tank Burial

We work with most propane companies to get your propane tank buried and the proper ditching done for the propane company to run the line. Afterwards, we pad your tank with sand, backfill and compact and can repair your landscaping

Past Projects

New build Property having pipes installed
new road that's been built between trees
three men installing rolls of grass on property
Replace buried propane tank in garden
Excavating well for repair for plumbers
Tie in at the well head
Completed excavation, ready for forms
Septic & Sewer Installation Job
ditched for pipes on a field
An aerial view of two diggers in field
Hydraulic hammer breaking up the lava
Ditch prior to Cleanup