Sod Prep & Install

Sod Prep

From small, outdoor spaces to acres, we can prep your yard for sod. Save a ton of money and lay the sod yourself or have us take care of the manual labor for you.

Sod Installation

Providing 5-star sod installation! We keep the corners tight, sod stretched and laid the right way. Let us give you the lawn your neighbors will be jealous of!

Weed Removal

Prior to any sod-prep activities, you’ll want a good kill of all the vegetation in your sod-bed. We have the equipment to handle a few square feet up to acres.

Grade & Level

One of the most important things you can do is to properly grade your lot. Proper grading keeps water running away from your house. You need a minimum of 1/4″ drop per foot, 10-feet in every direction from your house!

Power Raking & Rock Removal

One of the best things you can do to prepare for sod is power raking. Power raking removes rocks and debris from your yard prior to sod installation. A good foundation is the key to an award-winning yard.

Harley Raking

Harley raking removes organic debris and helps level the soil.

Past Projects

Complete Landscaping Project

New Construction. Customer wanted a complete landscaping package: Grade & Level, Topsoil, Sprinklers, Sod, Fence, RV Pad, Rock Gardens w/edging, Trees, Outdoor Outlets

Repair Grade, Install Paver Wall, Install Sod

Customer purchased 1800’s house that was built before street-grade was set. Water was entering property. Installed swells to help prevent water entry. Properly graded. Installed tree-rings, paver wall to retain grass and match existing, edging and sod.

Hydroseed Prep

Before sod prep Before sod prep Before sod prep After sod prep After sod prep Project Description Client:   D. Maddock Location:  ...

Repair Lawn After Septic Failure

Customer had a septic system failure. Another contractor replaced the drainfield, but we were called in after that replacement left unstable/uneven ground. We stripped the old sod, leveled the ground and blended the new sod in. After the initial repairs, the customer asked me to lay sod over the decommissioned garden.

Sod Prep

New Construction. Customer had sprinklers installed when we arrived. Worked around small sprinkler system, smooth and pick rocks. Prep for sod.

Level, Grade and Remove Rock

New Construction. Builder left pit/run backfill as finish grade for yard. Picked rocks w/rock rake. Minimized top-soil hauling to 45 tons (3 truck loads) to cover 2+ acres. Dialed in finish grade. Fencing/Sprinklers and repaired grade to prep for hydroseed in back yard and sod in front yard.