Piping work and Infiltrator domes

Marlenee, LLC is a premiere licensed Septic Installer in the State of Idaho. 

Test Holes

We are happy to excavate a test hole for your septic permitting. Marlenee, LLC will take care of arranging the inspection with Eastern Idaho Public Health.

Septic Tank Installation

As septic tank installation contractors, we will install your septic tank system to last for decades. We use sand to pad your tank and protect it while keeping it level. We offer cement and plastic tanks and provide state-certified installation practices.

Drain-field Installation

Your drain-field is the most important part of your septic system. We pride ourselves in using the highest quality materials along with laser accuracy for a perfect installation that will last!

Sewer Installation

We are a licensed Public Works Contractor with the State of Idaho. This means we can install your water line, sewer liner, and other utilities in a manner that meets state criteria. We go the extra mile and install insulation & padding for that extra piece of mind.

Quality Matters

We use laser telemetry along with electronic levels to assure your piping meets the specifications required to pass inspection. We also use sand to bed all of your pipes to prevent chafing and damage.

Past Projects

New build Property having pipes installed
Roller compacting the driveway
Prepping to install infiltrators
Excavate sceptic test hole
Septic & Sewer Installation Job
Septic and foundation construction
Ditches created on a field