Burning slash piles

Marlenee, LLC prides itself in providing top-tier land management services. Get your acreage in check, maintain a healthy ecosystem that will last for generations!

Pre-Construction Land Clearing

We specialize in pre-construction land clearing services near and around Eastern Idaho. We will arrive on your land with professionally cleaned and sanitized equipment to minimize invasive growth. We can remove trees and shrubs on your build site as a part of our service. Organic debris can be mulched, hauled off, or burned during the appropriate season.

Maintaining Healthy Forests

We can return your over-grown property to it’s former glory. With selective thinning, we will remove smaller and less-healthy vegetation.  In many circumstances, we will come in after mulching and use certified seed to replant native meadow grasses. We are flexible in our thinning and can leave a dense barrier around your property with a more healthy mix of vegetation on the inside.

Erosion Control

Managing run off is a major concern for large property owners. We can repair existing erosion or make the necessary changes to provide an appropriate flow of water and debris. That is combined with erosion control products such as waddles and erosion fences. We can install culverts to prevent damage around roads. Finally, a health re-seeding of the right mix of vegetation will provide you stability for years!

Mulching & Grubbing

Forestry mulching and grubbing is part of maintaining a healthy plot of land. During this process, we’ll use a mulching attachment on a tracked skid steer to thin down overrun plots of land. The end result is land that is ready for native grasses while returning the nutrients from prior growth to the ground. We can selectively mulch, keeping your favorite trees, plants, or bushes.

Quality Matters

We use laser telemetry along with electronic levels to assure your piping meets the specifications required to pass inspection. We also use sand to bed all of your pipes to prevent chafing and damage.

Past Projects

Build RV Park Project
new road that's been built between trees
Beach Restoration Project
Spreading pit-run