Wrapping it up!

Marlenee, LLC builds pads. Whether you’re looking for gravel RV parking, cement sidewalks or driveways, a pad for your new shed or pole-bard, we can help!

RV Parking Pads

Marlenee, LLC will install your RV Pad the right way. We’ll excavate down and install geo-fabric to control the ground and prevent mud. We’ll haul in a healthy depth of compactable road-base. We will provide a flat surface, using our lasers. Finally, compaction will ensure a surface that will last.

Driveway & Sidewalk Installation

Whether you want gravel or cement, Marlenee, LLC knows how to build driveways and sidewalks. We install beautiful gravel walkways which can be adorned with steel edging and capped with the finest materials. The choice is up to you!

Concrete Preparation

Want to save some money and pour your own cement? We offer cement preparation services. We will excavate for your upcoming pour, provide you with a stable bed of compacted road-base and your choice of geo-fabric. When we leave,  you will be ready to form and pour, knowing you have a professionally-built foundation!

Shed Pads

If you’ve purchased a pre-fabricated shed or are preparing to build your own, you’re going to need a flat/level pad to place your new building. We will over-excavate and bring in sufficient compactable materials to provide you with a solid base. We offer shed pads that blend into your landscape or can be edged with metal, cement, railroad ties or other materials of your choosing!

Pole Barn Pads

Marlenee, LLC works with all of the pre-fab and metal building suppliers in Eastern Idaho. We can build the pad for your upcoming pole barn or steel building. At your request, we can over-excavate as deep as you’d like and backfill with compactable materials, ensuring you have a foundation that meets your demands.

Parking Lots & Laydown Yards

Marlenee, LLC loves building pads! Thinking about building a parking area for your equipment or materials? We can professionally install a large pad for you, whether it’s a permanent parking lot or a temporary material lay-down yard.

Past Projects

Roller compacting the driveway
Build RV Park Project
Hydraulic hammer breaking up the lava
Septic & Sewer Installation Job
Compacted road base on a sunny day
Ditch cleanout on plot of land
Ditches created on a field
Completed excavation, ready for forms