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Bury Propane Tank

Customer switched propane companies and, unfortunately, they made him give his leased tank back. So, he bought a new one, and we got it installed in a very tight neighborhood with minimal working room, trees, and buildings!

Ditch Cleanout

Cleaned out and re-built a mile of agricultural ditch/waterway/canal. Used laser telemetry to verify ditch. Excavated over two feet of silt in some places. Removed trees from problematic areas. Rebuilt corners with rip-rap. Our large 5-ft bucket makes this a breeze!

Install Sewer and Water Lines (new construction)

This project required careful planning to close a public street,  excavate down 9+ feet and install a new sewer and water line.

Gravel Parking Lot

This customer needed space for their growing plumbing business. We took their lot from weed-covered to flat & level with a sustainable parking lot for their commercial operations.

Update Gravel Walkways & Install Hot Tub Pad

We demolished the old walkways and installed a new path with edging. Then, we demolished a portion of the back yard to make room for a hot tub pad.

Excavation for Pipe Repair at Well

Pipes were severely leaking at well-head. Excavated around well-head and repaired pipe. Restored service. Backfilled and compacted properly. Restored surface grade.

Demolish Building, Remove Trees, Cleanout Ditch

Demolishing the old stone-foundation building Cleaning out and re-shaping ditches Cleaning growth from inside ditch and ditch banks Removing sucker-growth from ...

Install Septic & Driveway/Parking Lot

This project focused on building a new shop-house as an in-law suite. We excavated for the foundation, installed septic, and then re-finished the driveway and parking lot.

Excavate Well-Pad, Connect New Well, Repair Driveway

The owner of this property called us to install a new well on his property (due to the slope of the mountainous terrain, required excavating a pad for the driller to be able to setup his machine), tie into the line coming through the foundation, cap and drain the line running down to the neighbor’s well and then repair the driveway, leaving the well-pad for future development (instead of putting it back to native).

Build Loading Dock and Gun Range Backstop

Customer wanted a dual-purpose wall. He wanted a back-stop for his home gun range as well as a loading dock for his UTV. Railroad-tie construction, set in concrete, anchored with 16″ screws